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Carnival in a day

Create a full carnival costume in a day, including a headdress, neck piece / tabard, waistband/skirt and staff/flag. All materials provided.

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Puppet in a day

Work as a team to create all the elements of a giant puppet backpack costume for your Mardi Gras entry!

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Performance on the road

Learn a range of dance moves and performance styles for your group to perform on the street during the Mardi Gras Parade. Can include use of junk percussion, call and response, etc

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Lantern Making

Learn how to make simple willow lanterns using willow, masking tape, wet strength tissue and latex adhesive. Various shapes and decorations possible.

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Flag Making

From simple festival style flags, to hand painted designs and batique we can deliver a wide range of flag making workshops.

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Print making

We can offer a range of print making and experimental photography workshops tailored to any age group or topic.

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CPD Training

We can deliver 'Carnival in a day', 'Sustainable Carnival in a day' and 'Lantern Leaders', plus many more creative training opportunities to your team as continuing professional development. We have capacity for up to 14 people at our workshop in Ryde, or we can come to you.

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